Mark’s Email from Earlier This Week

So, I may have taken over the blog for the most part, but Mark has been a better e-mailer. As he writes for a living, I figured I’d put his email here as well. 🙂

THREE WEEKS from today is the Boston Marathon! Five months have gone by fast and I can’t believe it’s already time for Rachel and I to decrease our training miles in prep for the big day.

I have to admit when I started on the Dana Farber team a big part of my focus was on the appeal of running the Boston Marathon. It seemed like an amazing opportunity and the most exciting next step in running long distance races. However, over the last five months I’ve had the privilege of training with other Dana Farber teammates, many who are also Dana Farber patients and cancer survivors, and I have realized that I have the opportunity to do something much more important than finish another race.

Through the Dana Farber volunteers and teammates, I have met people and families who have endured challenges greater than I can do justice to in this email. Years after completion of their cancer treatment, or for some, after the passing of a loved one, these individuals continue to come back to the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge team each year and volunteer or run in memory of a loved one, in part because of the amazing work that Dana Farber does in supporting cancer research.

The programs supported by the DFMC team are those in very early stages that are not yet able to attract government or private sources of funding. The funds donated to the DFMC team are what keep many amazing, early-stage research programs from running out of money and shutting down.

As you have no doubt heard me say before, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR that you donate to the DFMC team goes to supporting research. No money is taken off the top to pay overhead costs. Giving to DFMC is one of the best ways of knowing that the money you donate to charity in a given year actually goes to the cause you want to support, and given that each of us has been impacted by cancer in some way, through personal experience, loved ones or friends, it is easy to see why supporting Dana Farber’s work is so important.
Thank you to those who have already donated to our DFMC page or have come out to support us at our events over the last five months. Any donation that you can offer, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.

Our page can be found at:

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