Rachel Preiss started running in her 20’s after two decades of ignoring all athletic pursuits. What was at first a grueling struggle became integrated into her life and now her running shoes hold a prominent position in her closet, next to her scrubs and worn out pair of jeans. When she’s not strapped to a pair of sneakers, she works as a nurse practitioner in a major medical center, tries (and fails) to get the dog to be active, and enjoys spending time eating delicious food throughout Boston.

Though he’ll never admit it, Mark Preiss, is more naturally athletically inclined, though he, too, started running regularly in his mid 20’s. He is a connoisseur of finely brewed IPA’s, food trucks and always makes sure that Rachel knows the weather before she leaves the house.

*A quick note: This is a blog, and as such the content are our opinions, not necessarily that of our employers or any personal organization we belong to. Sometimes there may be errors, though not intended. Information and content may change over time, and this blog may not contain the most up to date information. Comments made by the commenters are their opinion and responsibility and not that of the blog authors.

Although Rachel is a medical provider, running and training for running or and oncology are not her specialties. All information on this blog is opinion, and no information is intended as medical advice. As always, if you begin any diet or exercise program, or pursue any medical treatment, or have questions about your health,  you should consult with you personal physician. Obviously, if you are having a medical emergency, you should not be consulting this blog, you should call 9-1-1.



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